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This is not a gateway

London based Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield have recently launched the third volume of “critical cities”, a creative compendium of studies, commentaries and analyses consisting of various forms of writing, reflecting differentiated engagement of urban citizens with the space around them. The series is published by Myrdle Court Press.

Not only is the style and scope of the work a refreshing change to university based research, the work seems to be a direct result or product of lived space; the antagonisms and struggles, beauty and oppression of the everyday. The activism of This is Not a Gateway is evidence of this, also founded by Naik and Oldfield, although, without having had any personal experience of their activities, it clearly does not fit to the mainstream understanding of activism.  They have organised a festival in London the past few years, in doing so creating a space for a dialogue in multiple forms and from ‘urbanists’ in all their glorious and various forms, as the pictures and testimonials from the event vividly show.


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